The best thing to do to increase friendship and to most likely get gifts back is to send gifts!

Here are a list of things you can send:

Special GiftsEdit

These are all unlimited gifts Valentines Gifts

Static Box 01

Be Mine Giftbox

Static Box 02

Hugs'n Kisses Giftbox

Static Box 05

With Love Giftbox

Static Box 07

Sweetheart Giftbox

Static Box 08

Cupids Giftbox

Collectibles Edit

These gifts are items you own! So be careful what you give and who to!

75 pearTree

Pear Tree

75 Topiary Giraffe


75 Topiary Lion


75 oakTree

Oak Tree

75 redOakTree

Red Oak Tree

75 mapleTree

Maple Tree


All the animals in the game are available to give as a gift but some of them are not unlimited gifts and some are one's that you own!

To view the all the animals click here